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Cooperation on the project VOL Mentorink in the words of the prison

The direct cooperation between the VOLONTÉ CZECH, o.p.s. non-profit organization and the Prison Všehrdy, and its educational centre, continues with the second welding course (turnus) in this calendar year and the first in this school year.

Eight participants of the WELDER course and eight pupils of the ELECTRICIAN apprenticeship course will obtain a certificate of assistant welder, which they can use for their further practice, both during their sentence and especially after their release from prison, where doors open for them on the labour market. Welders, like all trades today, are a scarce commodity.

This is the point of the non-profit organisation, which organises the courses free of charge. The apprenticeship only provides the welding facilities in its workshops and its own trainees. Everything else, from the welding machines and electrodes to the materials and the examiners at the end of the course, is provided by VOLONTÉ CZECH o.p.s. itself. Among the sixteen trainees, there are four young convicts who are still preparing for their professional life. They will have a non-negligible input into their future civilian life.

Our pupils in turn reciprocally make children's toys for this non-profit organization, which find their place with abandoned children from orphanages, which is another project of this organization, called "Life in a suitcase", where the purpose is to fill a specific suitcase with memories of childhood (the wooden toys are part of it), which these children spend unfortunately without parents and close relatives. The toys are made in the carpentry workshops, during the vocational training of the apprentice carpenter.

The actual cooperation with the non-profit organization VOLONTÉ VZECH, o.p.s. and the educational centre in the Prison Všehrdy continues for the third year, to the satisfaction of both entities. The goal of both is the same - direct assistance to convicted men for their successful return from prison and the least possible recidivism, which is a bogeyman for our whole society.

The main goal of this project is, in cooperation with the five involved prisons, partners, and other stakeholders, to create appropriate conditions for resocialization and reintegration of 150 clients - to support involved clients in the positive aspects of their development. The main thing is to activate them to solve their problems to prevent recidivism. This project is implemented in cooperation with a Norwegian company Åpenhet AS and Czech company ProEduCo s.r.o.

The project is supported within the Program Justice, co-financed by the EEA/Norway 2014-2021 (, The provider of funds is the Ministry of Finance.


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