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Debt and Legal Counselling Centre
in Mladá Boleslav

If you have financial or legal problems and don’t know how to resolve them, come and visit us at our counselling centre. We’ll help you find the most suitable solution. 

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Norway grants


VOL Mentoring

Reg. No.: SP-JU1A-004

VOLONTÉ CZECH, o.p.s., together with its partners - the Åpenhet AS and ProEduCo s.r.o., is launching a project VOL Mentoring. 

The main goal of this project is, in cooperation with the five involved prisons, partners, and other stakeholders, to create appropriate conditions for resocialization and reintegration of 150 clients - to support involved clients in the positive aspects of their development. The main thing is to activate them to solve their problems to prevent recidivism. More information


We’ll help you resolve your debts and find a job free of charge!

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