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Employment counselling

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a suitable job. 

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Our Partners

Prison Service of the Czech Republic

We work with the General Directorate of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic to implement a number of innovative projects for people serving prison sentences. In 2012 VOLONTÉ CZECH was approved as a training provide and implementer of programmes for convicts serving sentences in prisons in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this long-standing and close cooperation our Executive Director for Project Activities, Ing. Zuzana Bejó, has been awarded the Plaque of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic Second Class in recognition of her prison-related work.   More information


DP WORK s.r.o.

The recruitment and training company DP WORK s.r.o. has been our partner for more than 10 years now, particularly in the field of employment. Besides offering work, it also provides our clients with accommodation, retraining courses, professional/partial qualifications, employment counselling and work diagnostics. 
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Centre for the Integration of Children and Young People (Centrum integrace dětí a mládeže, z.s. - CID)

We have been working with the director of the CID, PhDr. Marie Petrželová, for many years now. We are currently working together, for instance, on Karlín Community Centre and many other activities for children with disabilities, children from children's homes and children from socially excluded families. 
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Služby a školení MB (Services and Training Mladá Boleslav)

We have been working with Služby a školení MB for a long time now to provide particularly training courses and other supporting activities in the Mladá Boleslav region. We also run a Debt and Legal Counselling Centre in the company’s premises.  
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KOUPÁK Family Centre in Mladá Boleslav

We work closely with the KOUPÁK Family Centre particularly in the preparation and implementation of various training and educational activities for mothers on maternity/parental leave. We prepare all our courses with a view to increasing their chances on the labour market and improving their personal and work skills.  More information

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South East Asia - liaison, z.s. (SEA -I)

We have been working with this organisation for many years now, particularly to provide assistance to Vietnamese nationals working and living in the Czech Republic. Together we organise training courses, Czech language courses and other activities that help people in this group to develop their abilities and skills. 
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