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Other services

We offer a range of training, retraining and other courses, with the aim of improving your skills and increasing your chances on the labour market. 

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We offer a series of retraining courses

We provide professional training to increase your chances of success on the labour market.

We provide comprehensive training programmes for people serving a prison sentence

We arrange Czech language courses for working foreign nationals

We prepare regular courses for mothers on maternity/parental leave

We offer addiction counselling 

Jaké vzdělávací aktivity nabízíme?

We offer a series of training programmes and retraining and educational courses, designed with your personal and career development in mind. We focus particularly on mothers on maternity/parental leave, unemployed or low-skilled people, and also people serving a prison sentence (more here). We prepare all our training programmes to suit the individual current needs of our clients. We also work with SEA - I  to hold Czech language courses for foreign nationals.


Our team is made up entirely of highly expert trainers with many years’ practice and experience. All our training programmes and courses are FREE OF CHARGE

We offer a variety of training courses held by real experts and specialists.

Thanks to DP WORK, while I was in prison I re-qualified as a forklift driver. When I was released, they found me a job and accommodation. Thanks!

I recommend employment counselling. They helped me recognise my strengths and work on my weaknesses. I now have a job that I’m happy in. 

– Jaroslav, Hradec Králové

– Petra, Mladá Boleslav

We offer a variety of training courses held by real experts and specialists.

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