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Vol Mentoring: End of VOL Mentoring project

Updated: Jun 5

On 30/4/2024 we completed the 30-month long VOL Mentoring project, nr. SP-JU1A-004, supported by the Justice Programme, which is co-financed by the EEA/Norway Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. The Ministry of Finance was the provider of the funds.

Although statistics and other outputs will be compiled in the Final Evaluation Report in June 2024, we would like to provide all of you - cooperating entities and other experts - with basic data:

Prisons involved: Světlá, Jiřice, Kynšperk, Hradec Králové, Všehrdy

Partner organizations involved: Åpenhet AS, ProEduCo s.r.o.

Number trained mentors involved: 29

Number of clients in VTOS who entered the programme: 178  (33 of them women)

Number of clients where it was not possible to ensure continuous cooperation after discharge: 36

Number of clients who completed the programme: 142

Number of clients who received retraining: 61 (some with more than one course)

Number of clients who resolved their debts: 136

Number of insolvencies resolved so far: 18

Number of debt cases (other than insolvencies) closed: 65

Number of job offers: 148

Number of clients who were employed with our support after discharge: 76

Number of clients for whom we also provided accommodation after release: 35

Number of clients for whom we provided accompaniment: 26

Number of clients who solved their employment on their own and only consulted with us: 60

Number of clients who have dealt with our family law lawyer for their children: 14

Number of mentor hours: 5.633 (average of 31 hours per client)


At the same time, we would like to thank all the prison staff involved, namely:

From Kynšperk Prison Bc. Roman Hejl, Bc. Blanka Žippaiová, Mgr. Vladimíra Krajíčková

From Hradec Králové Prison Ing. Jaroslav Kempf

From Jiřice Prison Mgr. Tereza Holíková, Bc. Baboráková Gabriela, DiS.

From Všehrdy Prison Bc. Jiří Kostelej

From Světlá Prison Mgr. Věra Janáková, Mgr. Kateřina Houserová

Supervisor for the social area Mgr. Kamil Litvik, employee of Kuřim Prison


Finally, we thank the directors of the participating prisons, namely:

the Director of the Světlá nad Sázavou Prison, Brig. Gen. Monika Myšičková

the Director of Kynšperk nad Ohří Prison, Colonel Petr Popelář (after the project was launched, Colonel Martina Gansel)

Colonel Zdeněk Herman, Director of Jiřice Prison (after the start of the project Colonel Petr Suk and Colonel Martin Boháč)

Colonel Miroslav Fous, Director of Všehrdy Prison (Colonel Alexander Vidlak after the project was launched)

the Director of Hradec Králové Prison, Colonel Pavel Tomášek

Project VOL Mentorink, No. SP-JU1A-004, supported within the Justice Program, co-financed by the EEA/Norway Grants 2014-2021 (, The provider of the financial resources is the Ministry of Finance.


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