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Debt and legal counselling

We will find out how much you owe and together will come up with the most suitable solution to resolve your situation.

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Komplexní proces práce s odsouzeným a propuštěným 

In cooperation with the General Directorate of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic we implement a number of projects in Czech prisons with the aim of gradually reducing the level of recidivism in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our many years of experience working with persons serving a prison sentence we have created a comprehensive process that enables us to help these people reintegrate into society. Our main specialisation in this respect lies in our expert team of debt and legal counsellors, trainers with years of experience and employment counsellors. In this comprehensive assistance process we primarily help our clients resolve their financial (debt) situations, including the option of drawing up and filing an insolvency proposal during a prison sentence and after release.

We collaborate with the DP WORK s.r.o. recruitment and training agency to also provide  our clients with employment and accommodation, immediately after their release from prison. 

At the same time, this entire process involves countless other interlinked activities that we carry out actually in prisons. These particularly include retraining courses (such as forklift licences, welding courses, etc.) and employment counselling and diagnostics. While in prison our clients can also complete training courses focusing on IT basics, financial literacy, communication skills, etc. These activities are designed with a view to developing their personal and professional skills and increasing their chances on the labour market. 

In 2019 we also launched a unique project entitled "Application of the Good-Lives Model in the Czech Prison System", involving a total of 6 pilot prisons: Jiřice, Kuřim, Kynšperk nad Ohří, Pardubice, Stráž pod Ralskem and Vinařice.  (More information)

O aktuálních projektech a aktivitách ve věznicích se dočtete na našem Blogu. 


"...and a chance meeting led to excellent collaboration on projects aimed at the re-socialisation of convicted prisoners and their reintegration after their release.”

– Mgr. Alena Tesarčíková

Commissioner of Conditional Release Commission

Probation and Mediation Service

“...this long-standing mutual cooperation in the field of penitentiary care with the above public benefit society is effective and helps prisoners to reintegrate into society upon their return to civic life after their release from prison.”

– plk. Mgr. Petr Suk

Principal Administrator, Director of Jiřice Prison

“...Cooperation with VOLONTÉ CZECH, o.p.s. offers convicted prisoners assistance which is greatly appreciated upon their release and enables them to easily adapt to and reintegrate into normal life.”

– plk. Mgr. Martin Klapper

Principal Administrator, that time Director of Kynšperk nad Ohří Prison

“...The overall evaluation of what has proven to be greatly active and helpful cooperation is very positive, we also highly rate the expertise of trainers and the relevance of the information and assistance provided.”

– plk. PhDr. Gabriela Slováková, Ph.D.

Principal Administrator, Director of Kuřim Prison

Ve kterých věznicích pracujeme? 

We currently operate in 22 Czech prisons.

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