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Aplikace Good-Lives Modelu v českém vězeňství

"Application of the Good-Lives-Model in the Czech Prison System", this project was launched on 1 August 2019, in cooperation with the General Directorate of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. A total of 6 Czech prisons took part in the piloting: Jiřice, Kuřim, Kynšperk nad Ohří, Pardubice, Stráž pod Ralskem and Vinařice. The aim of this therapeutic program is to gradually reduce the high rate of recurrence in the Czech Republic.

Good-Lives Model (or just GLM) is mainly about long-term therapeutic work with convicts of violent crimes. Especially for the realization of their criminal acts and often impulsive behavior, and also about searching for another way in coping with difficult life situations and deeper work on oneself. The project is also called "The Model of the good life", is designed to prevent the aggressive behavior of convicts and the further commission of crime.



















The implementation of GLM in Czech prisons is professionally provided by the staff of the Social Therapeutic Department of the German Prison in Brandenburg - Steven Feelgood, Ivan Brčina and Joseas Helmes. The individual GLM procedures and methods were presented to the implementation teams of individual pilot prisons so that they could apply the model to a selected target group.


Seven-day workshop of GLM

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