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VOL Mentorink: resocialization and reintegration of imprisoned persons

Up to this date, a total of 57 people from all 5 participating prisons have participated in the VOL Mentorink project (SP-JU1A-004). In addition to general mentoring, we supported our clients with debt counselling, job counselling, work opportunities and accommodation after leaving prison, helped them with establishing contact with their families, etc. Some clients have already completed a retraining course for welding and forklift operation.

The main goal of this project is, in cooperation with the five involved prisons, partners, and other stakeholders, to create appropriate conditions for resocialization and reintegration of 150 clients - to support involved clients in the positive aspects of their development. The main thing is to activate them to solve their problems to prevent recidivism. This project is implemented in cooperation with a Norwegian company Åpenhet AS and Czech company ProEduCo s.r.o.

The project is supported within the Program Justice, co-financed by the EEA/Norway 2014-2021 (, The provider of funds is the Ministry of Finance.


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