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Together for greater support for families of convicts: New logo and first workshop within Erasmus+

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

We are excited to provide an update on our project, "Together for Greater Support for Families of Convicts," which we are working on in partnership with the Gramigna OdV organization through the Erasmus+ program. Our main goal is to help families of convicts and develop successful methods for working with this specific group.

One of our main goals is to assess the current approaches to engaging with the families of inmates and devise a comprehensive methodology for aiding both the convicts and their families. This methodology will serve as a useful tool for social workers, prison educators, and non-profit organizations that support convict families through accompaniment, assistance, and emotional support. This initiative will significantly enhance the overall welfare of this particular group.

As a part of our project, we introduced a new visual identity that includes our new logo for the "Together for Greater Support for Families of Convicts". The logo represents a collaborative effort and dedication towards providing improved support and aid to families of convicts.

Společně pro větší podporu rodin odsouzených - Erasmus+

Our organization is gearing up for our first collaborative workshop, set to occur on October 25, 2023, in Prague. We'll be joined by our Italian partner, Gramigna OdV, to discuss and share experiences. We aim to plan the next steps of our cooperation, allowing us to enhance the lives of the families of convicts while raising public awareness of their situation and the societal stigma they face.

Project Together for greater support for families of convicts, (registation number: 2022-2-CZ01-KA210-ADU-000101184), is realized within the Erasmus+ Key action 2: Partnership for cooperation. Information about project


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