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VOL Mentorink: 9 convicts from Všehrdy Prison completed a professional course on operating chainsaws

On September 8, 2023, 9 convicts from Všehrdy Prison participated in a professional course on operating chainsaws and brush cutters. The course was organized as part of the VOL Mentorink project, in collaboration with our partner ProEduCo, s.r.o. This project aims to enhance convicts' competencies in the labor market and facilitate their resocialization after their release from prison.

A total of 9 prisoners went through this course - one high-security convict, six medium-security convicts, and 2 juvenile convicts. The course took place in agreement with the director of the Všehrdy Prison and the mayor of the village in the adjacent forest.

The instructor introduced the convicts to the proper way of operating and handling a chainsaw. Prior to the practical portion of the training, they went over the necessary safety regulations together. At the conclusion, all of the convicts were required to pass a final examination in order to obtain a certificate of completion.

Kurz motorových pil Věznice Všehrdy

Our organization aims to improve the employment prospects of convicts by developing their professional skills and facilitating their reintegration into society.

Kurz motorových pil Věznice Všehrdy

Our partnership with ProEduCo, s.r.o. is crucial for our mission. They provide professional courses, job counseling, and educational activities to convicts, with the goal of enhancing their skills and increasing their chances of finding employment. This collaboration is an essential part of our shared commitment to help with the resocialization of convicts and contribute to a brighter future for them, their families, and society.

Check out additional photos in our gallery below.

VOL Mentorink project, No. SP-JU1A-004, supported within the Justice Program, which is co-financed from the EEA/Norway 2014-2021 financial mechanism (, The provider of funds is the Ministry of Finance.


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