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Mentoring: for an easier transition from prison to freedom

The high rate of recidivism is a long-term problem in the Czech Republic. How to help reduce the recidivism rate? Mentoring can be one way. A mentor helps find the right direction and solution. Our mentors accompanies clients through life situations because most of the time they need support and professional advice.

A person who is serving a sentence of imprisonment loses not only contact with family, but also with society as a whole. To find a way and get involved in normal life after release could be dificult for many people. Mentoring takes place approx. half a year before the client's planned release from prison and continues even after his release.

" prison we have our certainties, a person comes out and a lot of worries, a lot of work awaits him there. The fact that you can consult with a mentor, as well as her psychological support and encouragement for the future, after release, is so important.", says one of the convicted women who participates in the VOL Mentorink project.

Watch the statements of the participants of the project in the video created as part of the EEA and Norway Funds campaign #OurStories.

Mentoring: for an easier transition from prison to freedom

The pilot project VOL Mentorink is taking place in 5 prisons, part of the offered activities is help with solving the debt situation of convicts, the possibility of retraining and educational courses in the prison, and the possibility of securing work and accommodation after release. The mentor also deals with the client's family relationships, which are often significantly disturbed or completely severed by the imprisonment. We are implementing the project in cooperation with a Norwegian company Åpenhet AS and Czech company ProEduCo s.r.o.

Further information about our project can also be found on the websites of the EEA and Norway Funds.


Photo from the shoot with our mentor Eva Panska.

VOL Mentorink, č. SP-JU1A-004, supported within the Justice Program, which is co-financed from the EEA/Norway 2014-2021 financial mechanism (, The provider of funds is the Ministry of Finance.


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