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We will help you find a new beginning

Our professional team of debt and legal advisers will help you resolve your debts for free. 


Debt and legal counselling

We will identify and quantify your debts free of charge and will help you go into insolvency or set a repayment schedule. 

Employment counselling

We will help you find your way around the labour market and will find a suitable job for you. 

Project activity

We will provide complete service for your project - from finding a suitable grant source and preparing the application, through to the overall administration of your project.

Everyone sometimes makes a mistake or things just goes wrong. We have been here for 20 years, helping those who could not help themselves. Our motto is "We are looking for a way to new beginnings", precisely because we know from experience that every situation has a solution. More about us


The counsellors from VOLONTÉ helped me, even though I thought I’d never get out of execution proceedings. Don’t be afraid. It’s worth it.

– Petra, Benešov

Despite my criminal past, thanks to cooperation with VOLONTÉ I now not only have a job, but they’ve also helped me to deal with insolvency.

– Roman, Hradec Králové

We’ll help you resolve your debts and find a job free of charge!

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