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Debt and Legal Counselling Centre
in Mladá Boleslav

If you have financial or legal problems and don’t know how to resolve them, come and visit us at our counselling centre. We’ll help you find the most suitable solution. 

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Norway grants

A child’s first visit to prison


Reg. No.: č. 27/2019 - OEPD - DOTC

The Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic has provided a non-investment grant from the 2020 Czech state budget within the framework of the grant title Programme to Support Work with Families Serving Prison Sentences. Our experience of working with women and men serving prison sentences shows that those who maintain regular contact with their children face a much lower risk of recidivism than people who have no contact with their children. The aim of the project is in line with the call’s grant priority, i.e. to establish, maintain and strengthen contact between clients serving prison sentences and their minor children (at least 120 mothers in prison plus at least 120 fathers in prison).

Start date: 01. 03. 2020, Expected end date: 31. 12. 2020


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