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Debt and Legal Counselling Centre
in Mladá Boleslav

If you have financial or legal problems and don’t know how to resolve them, come and visit us at our counselling centre. We’ll help you find the most suitable solution. 


If you have financial problems, don’t know how to resolve the situation and need help, visit our Debt and Legal Counselling Centre. Our debt counsellor is ready to help you find the most suitable solution and help you get rid of your debts, completely FREE OF CHARGE.


All meetings with our debt counsellor are one-to-one, with no other clients present. Come and see us or call us and make an appointment for a time that best suits you.

If you’re not from the Mladá Boleslav area, contact
us – we provide help throughout the whole of the Czech Republic.


Come to visit us!


16 - 19 hr

Tř. Václava Klementa 601/13,

Mladá Boleslav,

293 01


Služby a školení MB building

2. floor

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